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Promo for BBC Two - The Art That Made Us

Margery Kempe: 15th Century Pilgrim in Conflict with Religion

Actress Natasha Langridge performs excerpts from the first autobiography in English, by medieval mystic Margery Kempe, whose rebellious character is explored by experts.

Wise Winds at The Portobello Pavilion 2021

Wise Winds at The Portobello Pavilion

A poetic monologue about trees and being part of the community of North Kensington.

Written and performed by Natasha Langridge, July 2021.

in memory of leaves may2018

In Memory of Leaves at Portobello Live

An uncompromising monologue about Love and Protest

“The world is burning. You say nothing but to ask me about the weather."

Framed by an unsettling love affair, In Memory of Leaves explores what happens to communities when they are moved from their homes. It is personal and bracing: a love note to neighbours and a revolutionary call to the world.

"She’s mesmerising to watch in action ... I must describe it as a triumph."  Culturised

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Excerpt from the Onstage Blog review for Suffragette City, London Pavilion

Suffragette City is an immersive experience in which participants are taken back to 1913, and a recreated “Suffragette HQ”. During the hour-long production, participants become actively involved in two Suffragette-style missions. The production is situated in and around the historically-relevant Piccadilly Circus, and the London Pavilion.


Excerpt from the BWW Review for Suffragette City, London Pavilion

five star review

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Excerpt from Rev Stan's Theatre Blog review for Suffragette City, London Pavilion

I'm walking down Jermyn Street trying to look casual while being vigilant. I've got a package to post in my bag and if found with it I could get arrested - I'm a suffragette and this is about 'deeds not words'.

Suffragette City experience national Trust
Keeping to the opposite pavement before double backing towards the post box, all seems clear so I deposit the parcel and head back to HQ via a different route, checking to see if I'm followed.


Excerpt from the review for Suffragette City, London Pavilion

"It is 100 years since the partial granting of the vote to women, and Suffragette City is here to remind us what life was like for women in those days. The London Pavilion that serves as The Women’s Social and Political Union’s (WSPU) headquarters for this project is historically important as it was a meeting place for the suffragettes and was the scene of several of Emmeline Pankhurst’s arrests."


Excerpt from the Mind the Blog review for Suffragette City, London Pavilion

"The entire company is admirably committed to their roles, be they Suffragettes (Ariane Barnes, Natasha Langridge & Eleonora Russo), Interrogating Officers (Edward Andrews, Ralph Bogard & Padraig Lynch) or the Arresting Officer (Canavan Connolly)."

"It’s definitely an experience to cherish and think over, as a reminder of how lucky we are to not have to fight for these basic rights. Terrifically performed, and something I thoroughly recommend you try for yourselves."

Ought to be clowns review

Excerpt from the Ought To Be Clowns review for Suffragette City, London Pavilion

Do you believe in equality? Would you use violence to achieve your aims? Can you make a rosette? Suffragette City asks all these questions and more in a thought-provoking immersive experience in the heart of Piccadilly Circus.

"There’s nothing quite like a moment of theatre that takes your well-meaning preconceptions and smacks you hard in the face with them but that’s exactly what Suffragette City managed to do for me."

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Excerpt from the Gasholder review for Suffragette City, London Pavilion

"It’s February 1912, and Lillian Ball – a working class dressmaker and mother-of-three from Tooting – has just received a letter from Emmeline Pankhurst. Having spent the last few years in the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), Lillian is familiar with the suffrage movement, however, the morning’s post brought with it a significant change in stakes – she’d been called to take more militant steps in her pursuit of equality."