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Winner of 2010 Meyer-Whitworth Award

The 2012 Olympics spells eviction for the generations of Romany Gypsies living in East London. 17 year old Pearl Penfold is one of them. As the bulldozers close in, Pearl falls in love with Joe, a boy from the local estate. Can Joe prove himself to Pearl and her family before they are gone forever?


Cast list:

Pearl: Jade Williams
Joe: Alex Waldmann
Ann: Miranda Foster
Granny: Anna Carteret
Dean Jim Pope


Press reviews:

“Great monologues … verbal glitter.“ Aleks Sierz | Theatre

“Moments of pure poetry … faithfully contemporary.” The Evening Standard

“Luminous performances … Langridges’ aching lament to a dying people and a lost way of life has potent charm.” Metro

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