Onstage Blog review of Suffragette City

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Excerpt from the Onstage Blog review for Suffragette City, London Pavilion

Suffragette City is an immersive experience in which participants are taken back to 1913, and a recreated “Suffragette HQ”. During the hour-long production, participants become actively involved in two Suffragette-style missions. The production is situated in and around the historically-relevant Piccadilly Circus, and the London Pavilion.

I would love for everybody to be able to learn about history in such an engaging way. Suffragette City is bound to spark an interest in the history of women's suffrage in women and men of all ages. It is a fun experience, but also eye-opening and genuinely interesting. The actors involved are fantastic improvisers, and their knowledge of the movement makes the experience feel very authentic.

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