BWW Review for Suffragette City


Excerpt from the BWW Review for Suffragette City, London Pavilion

five star review

"A thoroughly immersive experience, Suffragette City certainly requires a good dose of active participation and willingness to play the game to be fully enjoyed. From engaging with the Suffragettes (Ariane Barnes, Natasha Langridge, and Eleonora Russo), to standing up to the arresting officer (Canavan Connolly) and talking back to the police (Edward Andrews, Ralph Bogard, Padraig Lynch), it's mostly based on reception and prompts."

"The performers are unquestionably excellent skilled improvisers when provoked by the audience, who are generally unafraid of defying the authority of their characters and lending support to the others."

"The performance piece is deeply impactful and gorgeously curated to the smallest detail, displaying huge dedication from the clothes to the environment. One hundred years after the partial grant of the vote to women, it's a fascinating and rather hands-on way to learn about how they made history."

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Photo credit: Oskar Proctor