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Everything Theatre article on In Memory of Leaves

Everything Theatre published a feature interview on my monologue ‘In Memory of Leaves’ that I am currently performing at the InTRANSIT Festival.

Information on the performances is available by clicking on the InTRANSIT Festival link above. I hope to see you there!

In memory of Leaves

Following on from Memoirs of a Tree, performed at last year’s InTRANSIT festival, Natasha Langridge returns in 2016 with another immersive monologue inspired by local life. In Memory of Leaves describes Natasha’s experience living in a block of flats on the Portobello Road council estate, which is being torn down by developers, and how all of her surroundings and green spaces are rapidly changing.

In Memory of Leaves b Natasha Langridge

In Memory of Leaves

Written and performed by Natasha Langridge
Dramaturgy by Lisa Goldman
Movement by Jayne McVeigh

After watching the park beneath her window on Portobello Rd massacred by developers Natasha wrote and performed Memoirs of a Tree for the InTRANSIT Festival 2015. She is returning to InTRANSIT this year with another immersive monologue In Memory of Leaves; exploring love amongst the bulldozers from Wornington Green W10 to the camps of Calais.


Many thanks to Nigel Dickinson for the photo’s he captured at one of my performances’ of Memoirs of a Tree W10 last year in London. Nigel is a British born documentary photographer, photojournalist and filmmaker. Over the last 30 years his work has focused on the environment, human condition, marginalized communities, sustainable development, identity and culture. You can view Nigel’s work at

V&A performance of Memoirs of a Tree W10

I will be performing an extract from my poetic monologue Memoirs of a Tree W10 at the Victoria & Albert Museum on the 27th June at 3pm.

Hope to see you there!

Memoirs of a Tree W10 written and performed by Natasha Langridge

A pop-up performance in two places, Natasha Langridge’s poetic monologue 'Memoirs of a Tree W10' takes us on an intimate journey of love amongst the bulldozers, regeneration, lost voices and a passionate encounter with Occupy Democracy.

Dates:  25 & 26 June @ 7pm and 27 June @ 1pm (Please note there will no longer be a performance at 7pm on the 27 June).

Where: Althone Gardens, W10 (Corner of Portobello Road ans Telford Road)


I’m currently working on a play about 18th Century female Pyrates for The National Theatre Studio in London. My main focus is Ann Bonny, an Irish pyrate, born around 1700 who operated in the Carribbean and was one of only several noted women in the business of piracy.

She is, without doubt, my pyrate queen!

Members of the BBC Writers Academy

My fellow members of the BBC Writers Academy taken in Albert Square, London.

While at the BBC Writers Academy I wrote for BBC TV series Doctor, Eastenders and Holby City.

Shraddha written by Natasha Langridge

Winner of the 2010 Meyer-Whitworth Award 'Shraddha', written by Natasha Langridge and first published by Oberon Books in 2009, has gone digital.

Rage&Reason by Heidi Stephenson and Natasha Langridge

Rage and Reason: Women Playwrights on Playwriting by Heidi Stephenson and Natasha Langridge was originally published by Methuen Books in 1997 and is now available in digital format.

Women playwrights speak about their art and the theatre in this collection of interviews about a key decade of British drama. Twenty leading contemporary dramatists discuss their work from the perspective of being both writers and women. Each talks about the state of the theatre now, the craft of playwrighting and the pressures of working within a male dominated environment.