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BWW Suffragette City

"The performers are unquestionably excellent skilled improvisers when provoked by the audience, who are generally unafraid of defying the authority of their characters and lending support to the others."


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"The entire company is admirably committed to their roles, be they Suffragettes (Ariane Barnes, Natasha Langridge & Eleonora Russo), Interrogating Officers (Edward Andrews, Ralph Bogard & Padraig Lynch) or the Arresting Officer (Canavan Connolly)."


"It’s definitely an experience to cherish and think over, as a reminder of how lucky we are to not have to fight for these basic rights.

Suffragette City

Suffragette City, London Pavilion

Do you believe in equality? Would you use violence to achieve your aims? Can you make a rosette? Suffragette City asks all these questions and more in a thought-provoking immersive experience in the heart of Piccadilly Circus.

"There’s nothing quite like a moment of theatre that takes your well-meaning preconceptions and smacks you hard in the face with them but that’s exactly what Suffragette City managed to do for me."

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Inspired by: The National Archives
Venue: The London Pavilion, Piccadilly Circus
Dates: 8th to 25th March, 2018

This March we invite you to walk in the shoes of a Suffragette and experience what it was like for those campaigning for suffrage in London, before the partial grant of the vote to women in 1918.

Inspired by the extensive collections of The National Archives, we have re-created three spaces at the London Pavilion, in Piccadilly Circus, including a Suffragette headquarters, a prison and a tearoom.

In Memory of Leaves review

A review excerpt from The Play's The Thing UK by Laura Kressly

"Langridge is a skilled storyteller and In Memory of Leaves is an urgent, necessary work. Her story is angering, yet sadly recognisable to most Londoners. Langridge’s script takes the form of letters, each one dated, to her long-distance love. They are a great mix of joy and rage, including vivid accounts of her political activism and time volunteering in Calais. Langridge delivers them with undeniable passion and energy."

Culturised review for In Memory of Leaves on a Boat

Tucked up on a boat on the Grand Union Canal near Westbourne Park station, I feel an immense sense of community with my fellow audience members. We’re packed in, physically touching, and bound together in this powerful moment of political theatre. Outside, London roars: emergency services rush past and commuters wander home from work. We are at once inhabiting a theatrical space and a public area for all to share.

In Memory of Leaves review

Excerpts from Fringe Review by Simon Jenner:

Recommended Show

‘… It’s a unique experience, where Langridge works with Jayne McVeigh on supple fluid movement through the barge’s space, and Lisa Goldberg’s dramaturgy perhaps helps to tighten and interrogate the appalling assault of real events on the heart of an already powerfully-freighted play.’

Mr Carl Woodward interview

In Memory of Leaves, Natasha Langridge:

“Add to the wave; we are at a point where it is sink or swim.”

100 days on and the scorched tower remains exposed and bare. The tragedy at Grenfell Tower, in which at least 80 people died, highlights the long neglect of social housing. It’s part of a bigger problem. A problem that playwright, performer & activist Natasha Langridge is keen to shine a light on.

I had a chat with the lady herself on the phone recently.

In Memory of Leaves on a boat


Following performances at the InTRANSIT Festival and the Teatro Keiros in Rome, award-winning writer and performer, Natasha will be performing In Memory of Leaves on a wide beam barge at three central London moorings.

Radio interview

Had a great interview today at the BBC Radio London with Nikki Bedi, who was standing in for Jo Good to promote In Memory of Leaves On a Boat.