September, 2016

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Unscene 199

The Unscene 199 is a monthly theatre and arts festival produced by New River Studios. Performances occur all around the Manor House warehouse district, where converted industrial sites are made available to artists who want to host their work in unique environments and allow the audience an opportunity to experience the wilder side of live acts.

E-Flyer_leaves_unscene_220916Click on ’In Memory of Leaves’ to view the trailer.

Return of In Memory of Leaves


Click on ’In Memory of Leaves’ to view the trailer.

In Memory of Leaves photo’s

These are some photo’s that were taken during one of my performance’s of ‘In Memory of Leaves’ at this year’s InTRANSIT Festival. If you would like to find out more click here to view the trailer of ’In Memory of Leaves’.

Returning for two nights only!

In Memory of Leaves

Written and performed by Natasha Langridge

‘As stylistically imaginative as it is emotionally raw.’ Time Out
‘Magical Mystery Tour well worth the ride.’ Evening Standard
‘Verbal glitter.’ The

When: 14th & 15th September at 7pm

Where: Athlone Gardens, cnr Portobello & Telford Road W10
Tickets: FREE